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We went on an expedition escaping from the ordinary and ended up creating incredible content. We use virtual reality to tell stories and create immersive experiences that deeply engage people. Then, as VR geeks, we talk about new technologies in our magazine or during workshops, we rent equipment and organise group screening events.

VR Productions

We specialize in realizing immersive audiovisual content, using VR to tell content-focused stories, the core of storytelling. Applying creativity to the experimentation of new languages, we take the audience into the narrative, to get them to feel real emotions. Relive a story, promote brands and products, broadcast recent events, virtual reality has no limits.

Collective Shows

Collective projections in virtual reality make watching a film an interactive and unique experience. The viewer is completely immersed in the narrative flow and at the same time has the opportunity to share the vision with other viewers simultaneously. The viewing experience that we usually associate with the individual becomes a unicum made of many individualities.

VR Performances

The combination between VR technologies and contemporary art forms gives rise to highly spectacular interactive performances, a surprising form of entertainment. From the figurative arts to dance, virtual reality expresses the artists' feelings or the messages behind their research in 360°, it tells the story of the generation phase of a work or an artistic space.

VR Marketing

Brands can use virtual reality as a successful marketing strategy to attract consumers. Our content makes the audience the protagonist of an immersive experience that makes inroads into the emotions, the engine of every action. Virtual reality allow us to tell about brands and products, showing places and the supply process of a company, creating collective screenings, events and much more.

A package of tools, content and ongoing support to enable cinemas and other venues to create collective screenings of films in virtual reality.

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