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In una Notte di Temporale VR

In una Notte di Temporale is an immersive VR experience that starts with the story of the encounter between a goat and a wolf, to lead viewers to resize their fears and baseless prejudices. In the tale written by Youichi Kimura, during a night of raging rain, a wolf and a goat protect themselves from the storm under a box and in the deep darkness they end up getting closer and closer. Daniele Caini and Elena Martongelli transport this story in a virtual environment that can be explored 360º. The experience amplifies the senses and brings a message. "Tomorrow, when the sun comes back, what will we be able to see? No one knows. Not even the sun knows."

In una Notte di Temporale VR




Daniele Caini, Elena Martongelli


Gold, Teatro Solare


Insta360 Pro 2