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Comune di Firenze

The project and the study

Chi dice Donna (Who Says Woman) was an awareness-raising campaign on the issue of gender stereotypes, created by Informadonna and Artemisia, two associations that have been working in the Florence area for many years to provide assistance to women and their families. The creative project was born around the study of words, with the aim of showing the impact of gender stereotypes on society, how they have become established in common language and the ease with which they are used in everyday life. Through ironic language, the project highlights the superficiality and carelessness with which many sayings and proverbs about women are still unconsciously used today.


In terms of visual language, the choice fell on the figure of the ostrich, an animal symbolising cowardice and carelessness; the same as those who, when faced with acts of discrimination and sexism, remain silent without becoming indignant.  For the occasion Gold decided to realise some gadgets and apply the hashtag #nonfarelostruzzo on all posters, brochures, t-shirts and coordinated pens. A choice designed to leave people with a memory of that day, making them reflect on the issues of gender discrimination with a friendly exhortation.

A shared victory

The Chi Dice Donna Campaign was held in Florence as part of the 3rd edition of the Festival dei Diritti, which involved the Municipality of Florence and many associations including: Informadonna, Artemisia Centro Antiviolenza, Portale Giovani and Portale Cultura. L’eredità delle Donne was the event during which the campaign was launched, and Chi Dice Donna T-shirts were distributed for the occasion. At the same time, the contents of the Campaign were projected on the Monitor Circuit of the City of Florence, on the Youth Portal and on the Culture Portal of the City of Florence.